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Todays Birthdays

  • Louis XIII, king of France (1610-43)
  • Sophia, regent of Russia (1682-89)
  • Samuel Adams, revolutionary rabble rouser
  • Agustín I de Iturbide, emperor of Mexico (1822-23)
  • George Cruikshank, English illustrator
  • Thomas Nast, political cartoonist of late 1800s America
  • Grazia Deledda, Italian novelist (Old Man of the Mtn) (Nobel 1926)
  • Sam Ervin, (D-Sen), Watergate Committee chairman
  • Sir Martin Ryle, British radio astronomer, astronomer royal 1972-82
  • Charles H Percy, (R-Sen-Ill)
  • Arthur Penn, stage & film director
  • Jane Meadows, AKA Mrs Steve Allen in Wu Chang China
  • Sada Thompson, in Des Moines Iowa
  • Kathy Nolan, in St Louis Mo
  • Barbara Hower, Washington Post writer
  • Cheryl Tiegs, in Minnesota - A model's figure
  • Dumitru Prunariu, 1st Rumanian space traveler (on board Soyuz 40)
  • Shaun Cassidy

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