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Todays Birthdays

  • Henry V, king of England (1413-22)
  • Charles S Crocker, of Southern Pacific fame
  • Francis Parkman, American historian, author (Oregon Trail)
  • James J Hill, RR entrepreneur
  • A Bonar Law, (C), British prime minister (1922-23)
  • James J Jeans, cosmologist & astrophysicist
  • Nadia Boulanger, in Paris Music teacher
  • Frans Sillanp„„, Finnish writer (Meek Heritage) (Nobel 1939)
  • Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Hungarian biochemist (Nobel 1937)
  • Wilfred Burchett, Australian Communist, journalist, writer
  • Allen Funt, 'Candid Camera' creator
  • Janis Paige, in Tacoma Washington
  • Lauren Bacall, in Staten Island (Dark Passage, Key Largo)
  • Bess Myerson in NY, Miss America 1945
  • Charlie Byrd, guitarist
  • B.B. King, singer, musician
  • Robert Schuller, televangelist
  • Peter Falk, Actor (Colombo)
  • Anne Francis, in Ossining NY
  • Elgin Baylor, NBA star
  • Rosemary Casals, Tennis Player
  • Ed Begley Jr, (St Elsewhere)
  • Shalane McCall

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