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Todays Birthdays

  • Jacques-Louis David, French Neoclassical painter
  • Mary Shelley, author (Frankenstein)
  • Ellen Lewis Herndon Arthur, wife of president Chester A. Arthur
  • Ernest Rutherford, in Engl, phycist
  • Theodor Svedberg, Swedish chemist, worked with colloids (Nobel '26)
  • Huey P. Long, (gov-sen-La)
  • Raymond Massey, Actor
  • John Gunther, writer
  • Roy Wilkins, director of NAACP
  • Shirley Booth, NY - Hazel
  • Fred MacMurray, Actor (Caine Mutiny, My Three Sons)
  • Joan Blondell, in NY
  • Ted Williams, Boston Red Sox
  • Regina Resnik, mezzo-soprano
  • John L. Swigert Jr., US astronaut (Apollo 13)
  • Elizabeth Ashley, in Florida
  • R. Crumb, cartoonist
  • Jean-Claude Killy, skier
  • Peggy Lipton, NYC (Mod Squad)
  • Timothy Bottoms, Actor

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