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Todays Birthdays

  • Thomas Malthus, population expert
  • Frank Harris, English journalist & writer (My Life & Loves)
  • George Washington Ferris, engineer invented Ferris Wheel
  • Benny Kubelski, aka Jack Benny, Oh Rochester!
  • Edmund George Love, American teacher & historian & author
  • James Pike, bishop
  • Jimmy Hoffa, Teamsters leader who disappeared
  • Mel Allen, voice of the Yankees
  • Phyllis McGuirre, of McGuirre sisters
  • Florence Henderson, in Indiana -- keeps Brady Bunch in line
  • Carl Bernstein, investigative reporter (Watergate)
  • Pham Tuan, 1st Vietnamese space traveler (on board Soyuz 37)
  • Ewa Aulin

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