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Todays Birthdays

  • Ivan III (The Great), grand prince of Russia
  • Francis Bacon, English statesman and essayist (Novum Organum)
  • Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, German critic and dramatist
  • George Gordon, Lord Byron and English Romantic poet
  • Richard Upjohn, American Gothic architect (Trinity Chapel NY)
  • August Strindberg, Swedish dramatist and novelist
  • D.W. Griffith, movie producer (Birth of a Nation)
  • U Thant, 3rd secretary-general of UN (1962-72) Burma
  • Ann Sothern, voice of my mother the car
  • William Warfield, singer (Show Boat)
  • Birch Bayh, (D) former US senator from Indiana
  • Piper Laurie, in Detroit Michigan
  • Bill Bixby, Actor (Incredible Hulk and My Favorite Martian)
  • Joseph Wambaugh, police writer (The Onionfields)
  • Linda Blair, Actress (The Exorcist) in St Louis Mo

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