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Todays Birthdays

  • Anders Celsius, invented centigrade temperature scale
  • Robert Livingston, delivered oath of office to George Washington
  • Sir Julius Benedict, composer
  • Fanny Kemble, English Actress
  • Chaim Weizmann, Israeli statesman
  • Charles A. Beard, American historian
  • John McNally, a.k.a. Johnny Blood, early NFL halfback
  • Mona Washbourne, Actress
  • David Merrick, Bdwy producer
  • Buffalo Bob Smith
  • Alexander Dubcek, head of Czech Communist Party (1968-69)
  • Benigno Aquino Jr., Philippine opposition leader; assassinated
  • Gail Sheehy, Writer
  • Eddie Rabbitt, singer
  • Jimi Hendrix, guitarist
  • Jayne Kennedy, in Wash DC
  • Caroline Kennedy

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