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Famous Birthdays On- 01- 14

  • William Whipple, Decl of Ind signer
  • Gen Benedict Arnold, fink
  • Calvin Phillips, became shortest known adult male (67 cm)
  • Mehmed VI, last sultan of Ottoman Empire (1918-22)
  • Albert Schweitzer, doctor and humanitarian and organist (Nobel 1952)
  • Hal Roach, early film director & producer
  • John dos Passos, novelist (1919 and Big Money and 42nd Parallel)
  • Andy Rooney, TV commentator (60 Minutes)
  • Thomas Tryon, Actor and novelist
  • Catarina Valenti, singer in Paris France
  • Julian Bond (D), civil rights leader and Georgia legislator
  • Faye Dunaway, Actress (Chinatown and Bonnie & Clyde) in Fla

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